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Hi Guys

Unfortunately we do not find the time now to start all aver again with CC after patch 1.06. We are all not able to invest the time needed to bring CC really back to life again.

This does not mean that we will let CC die. If one of you likes to invite a friend to CC please do so. Personally I will keep all my mains in here and keep the campfire burning.

As you might have reconed though we are only few actives we slowly but steadily advance in the city ranking.
So in the end nothing changes. If you would like to have the ability invite friends to CC send me a tell and I promote you to the appropriate rank.

For raids please see what Drung did write below.

Keep the spirit up.


CrisisCore is currently inactive in Age of Conan. The guild will remain and people are free to do whatever they like in the guild. If you wish to raid then you can join raids with our alliance guild (Shining Blades). Please contact any of the following people for more info:

- Tanchall
- Eriksen
- Annstrom
- Edbann

You can also send a tell to me (Drungus, Drungly, Drungon, Drungunaptra).

I do hope to see you all in a raid with Shining Blades! Shining Blades raid about 3 times a week (at least) and do a lot of grouping.



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